The Grand Tuscany Hotel is the ideal birthday party venue in Houston, Texas for the person that wants to create a memorable day.

We have some of the best birthday venue halls available in the Houston area. Perfect for your big day, it boasts grandiosity, elegance, and is suitable for birthdays of all ages.

Treat Yourself To the Ideal Birthday Party at the Grand Tuscany

Top Birthday Venue in Houston

Luxurious Birthdays in Houston

Among the metropolitan Houston Galleria area, this hotels stands out as one of the best hotels to host your birthday party. Whether you are turning 21, 30, 50 or somewhere in between, you won’t find a hotel that provides a better birthday experience!

Your birth guests will be amazed as soon as they walk into the Lobby and make their way to the Grand Tuscany Foyer Area under the Dusk-To-Dawn hand-painted ceiling and grandiose chandeliers. 

Elegance and Glam

The Grand Tuscany Halls

From the outside, The Grand Tuscany draws you in with its imposing glass structure design, bright lights, and inviting ambiance. 

The inspiration and views for your birthday guests are endless with floor-to-ceiling glass windows overlooking an island oasis and 350’ lazy river.

Italian gazebo in Houston
Grand Tuscany Ballroom in Houston

You will be able to choose from our near 9,000 sq ft Grand Tuscany Ballroom for hosting your birthday party with your friends and family.

Grandiose chandeliers, Italy-inspired black marble pillars embedded into the marble-cream hand-painted featured walls will dazzle all your guests.

Banquet halls in Houston
Grandiose chandeliers

The Grand Tuscany Ballroom offers a perfect ambiance of romance and glam, it’s ideal for hosting and impressing up to 600 birthday dinner guests.

Wedding ballroom in Houston, Texas

An ideal venue for birthdays of all variety of sizes, its versatility very much works in its favor.

Presidential Ballroom

A much sought-after space is our top floor Presidential Ballroom that promises a fairytale escape for one of the most important days in any couple’s lives. With its colorful plush carpeting underfoot, large chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, and generous views of the city through the tall slanted windows, there is much to admire.

Here, you and your guests can recline and enjoy some fine cuisine as you sit at round tables on an assortment of cushioned or hardback chairs. The 10th floor also offers an alcove area perfect for a ceremony or an area for cocktails as this area too boasts generous views to the city.

The 10th floor not only has the Presidential Ballroom, it also encompasses a variety of guest rooms, a junior suite, and two luxury designer suites featuring Rolls Royce bedding, Gucci comfy chairs, and a Versace parlor area ideal for socializing before, during, and after, your special occasion creating a “talk-of-the-town” inspired birthday by having the entire floor reserved for your birthday guests. 

The Grand Tuscany

Truly offers a luxurious hotel and birthday venue experience

From summer 2019 onward, we provide everything necessary for a memorable birthday experience – and more – it is a veritable escape. With 268 rooms on offer, there is more than enough space for your entire birthday guests to spend the night in comfort.

Glass statue
Island Oasis in Houston
Wedding venue in Houston, Texas
Luxury hotel in Houston, TX

What’s more, with free WiFi and ample parking, your birthday guests can arrive welcomed by a few added conveniences.

Elegant staircase at Grand Tuscany
Event Space

Meet our banquet halls


1,500 SQ FT

Ideal for receptions.


1,200 SQ FT

Ideal for ceremonies or small receptions.


8,000 SQ FT

Ideal for grand receptions of 250 + attendees.


1,500 SQ FT

Ideal for ceremonies or small receptions


4,000 SQ FT

Ideal for ceremonies or small receptions.


2,000 SQ FT

Ideal space for ceremony, reception, and housing of guests.

Our Hotel Make the Best Birthday Venue in Houston

Located near the heart of downtown Houston and Houston Galleria area, it is right at the center of a vibrant city. While it offers a getaway from the stress, it’s also close-by to some great local features. Those that are looking for a one of a kind, unique and luxurious birthday venue will be amazed by what we have to offer.


What administrations does the rental charge incorporate?

Some meeting rooms provide food benefits just as all the fundamental gear (tables, seats, cloths, flatware, etc), while others offer just the room, expecting you to deal with hardware rentals. The site ought to give a meal supervisor who will be available upon the arrival of your wedding at no additional charge. 

Is the rental charge less expensive if we don’t book a Saturday night? 

In the event that you book a Friday or Sunday night you’ll probably get a lower rate. Rental expenses likewise change each month—you’ll bargain on the off chance that you book a date during low season (typically viewed as the long stretches of November through April). 

Are different weddings also booked around the same time we book?

Attempt to abstain from booking a feast corridor that is facilitating one more wedding all the while—you need the staff’s consideration regarding being centered totally around your occasion. It’s more normal for destinations to book an evening and evening occasion around the same time, which typically isn’t an issue. 

What is your liquor strategy?

Your providing food expense may incorporate a full free drinks, for which you’ll be charged either a level charge or more—or you might have the choice of being charged depending on what, and how much, visitors you are planning to invite. 

Are there sufficient bathroom offices?

As a rule, you’ll need no less than two washroom slows down for each 100 visitors; for 150 visitors, at least four slows down are great. 

Would you be able to assist old age or wheelchair bound visitors? 

While most structures will have inclines and lifts, do a stroll through to see with your own eyes how well these components will address the issues of your wheelchair-bound visitors. 

Are there any limitations we need to think about? 

In the event that a site is situated in an intensely local location, you might be legitimately needed to shut down your party at a specific hour. Additionally get some information about fire dangers — a few destinations don’t permit the utilization of tighten candles or sparklers, for example. 

What is your installment and dropping strategy? 

After marking, you might be approached to give a security deposit. See whether, and under what conditions, your cash is refundable, and ensure this is expressed in the agreement. 

When should I book you?

The greater part of our appointments are 18 to two years ahead of time, this merits remembering as we do restrict the quantity of weddings on location at whatever year. With selective use weddings, when the date is gone it is no more. In this way reserving in the near future is prudent, specifically if your wedding dates are booked then it can’t be changed. In the event that your wedding is soon, if it’s not too much trouble, reach us to check whether we have a late accessibility or a wiping out. We might have the option to offer a somewhat late refund in the event that you book one month before your date (if the date is accessible obviously). We are unable to book dates over two years later. 

Do you offer installment terms?

Indeed it is conceivable in the event that you book for a date over a half year away. A booking deposit will be required when you book, then we can offer you a two phase installment whenever required. This will be talked about during the booking process. 

Is it safe to say that you are authorized for the lawful function?

No we are not. You should have the “lawful piece” done beforehand at Church or at a library office. The greater part of our couples decide to utilize the administrations of a Celebrant and do their promises, readings or comparative on our grounds. We will survey this in 2022 as applying for the permit is expensive and not many of our couples have mentioned this, and includes a ton of administrative noise! 

Will there be one more wedding nearby simultaneously? 

No, never! You have full select utilization of the site during your visit. Dissimilar to inns who will have different visitors, exercise center individuals, or even maybe another wedding nearby on the day. The main individuals here will be your visitors and our little group. 

What number of visitors would we be able to have? 

We are mostly confined by the quantity of vehicle parking spots. A celebration wedding can have up to 120 visitors. We have a greatest limit of 100 visitors for your gathering and additionally offer astounding incentives for little work day weddings, and Elopement weddings as well. 

Do you give catering or beverages?

You can pick your own caterer. This way you can have precisely what you need as you would prefer, style and financial plan. We can place you in contact with different providers. This will be clarified when you visit, and on the off chance that you book you will have heaps of data. You can likewise see our Food and Drinks page on our site. The pony box trailer bar will be provided for you when you book for a wedding with more than 40 visitors. 

Are there drawbacks on beautifications?

Only one, not all that much. You are free to enhance the banquet room to meet your requirements with any improvements that can be eliminated, with practically no mischief to the scene. No nails, staples, tapes or pastes that leave a tacky buildup. 

Would we be able to pick our music, Dj and so forth?

Totally, share in your own style of music, DJ, or diversion. Intensified music must be inside the Barn, we operate a 90dB sound limiter. Acoustic no intensified music can be in tipis or marquees. 

Do we need to get everything together toward the night’s end? 

For wedding bookings: 
We will lock the stable entryways at 12 PM, and lock all entrance doors and stopping at 12 PM. We will likewise bring down your beautifications and props for you the following morning, prepared to gather toward the finish of your recruit period with us. 
Celebration weddings: 
A reject container will be given to you to utilize, we would anticipate that the field should be given back to us after your rental as found. On the off chance that we need to clean and discard litter we would charge an expense for this additional assistance.

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