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List of Wedding Venue Theme Ideas

With just a little extra work, choosing a wedding theme may elevate your traditional nuptials from ordinary to extraordinary. Use your wedding style to choose the ideal theme for your personality, and then include aspects from that theme throughout the ceremony and reception. A) Popular Wedding Themes Choosing a popular theme simplifies wedding preparation because you’ll find lots of supplies and accessories for anything from invitations to clothes to reception

Best Lazy Rivers in Texas

One of the nicest ways to spend a hot summer day in Texas is in the water, and floating down a calm river is especially relaxing. With so many water parks in Texas, there are plenty of fantastic alternatives for lazy rivers, which are water rides that flow like a river, allowing customers to gently glide along as if it were a genuine river, albeit without all the rocks and

Wedding Statistics

Everyone has dreamt of their wedding day. It is not wrong to say that every couple wants their wedding day to be remembered forever. To make this the biggest day of your lives, you have to look into every detail and manage things according to your demands and pocket.  For your wedding day, there are many things to consider before planning. From the venue, catering, honeymoon to dresses, jewelry, etc.,

Best Destination Wedding Locations

The decision to get married to someone is one of the biggest commitments one can make in their lifetime. It is a promise to spend your life with your better half until the end of time, and to celebrate this occasion of uniting two such precious souls, a well-planned wedding event becomes a must. If you are looking forward to exchanging vows anytime soon and want your wedding to stand

Mother’s Day Brunch

What Size Wedding Hall Do You Need?

Wedding planning can be quite a hectic task for couples. There is simply a lot on your plate to deal with. You have to find a photographer to beautifully document your day, a musical band/DJ to keep you and the guests entertained, a decor rental company to ensure the ambience looks stunning and, of course, the perfect wedding venue which can fit all the above in it.  In this piece

Weddings in the United States

Over 2 million couples are married every year in the United Stats which means over 6,000 per day! There are all types of weddings, some which last a day and some which last a week. At Grand Tuscany Hotel, we cater to all types of weddings. No wedding is too big or too small for us and if you’re looking for a wedding venue in Houston you won’t find a

Top Wedding Venus in the US

Many of us dream of having a fairy tale wedding, but it becomes challenging to find the best wedding venue that suits you when the time comes. After getting engaged, the next question you ask yourself is, “Where should I get married?” It can be challenging to find the best wedding venue, but we are here to assist you. We have selected the 10best wedding venues in the USA in

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