With just a little extra work, choosing a wedding theme may elevate your traditional nuptials from ordinary to extraordinary. Use your wedding style to choose the ideal theme for your personality, and then include aspects from that theme throughout the ceremony and reception.

A) Popular Wedding Themes

Choosing a popular theme simplifies wedding preparation because you’ll find lots of supplies and accessories for anything from invitations to clothes to reception décor.

1. Theme: Rustic Country

Rustic country themes can be done anyplace, even if you don’t live on a farm. Perhaps you’ll integrate country western cake components like cowboy boots or horseshoes, or you’ll opt with a country BBQ wedding theme that includes gingham and barbecues. Alternatively, an elegant country chic motif could include adorned barns with chandeliers and burlap and lace throughout the ceremony and reception. Either way, enough of country music is required to keep everyone dancing at the reception!

2. Theme of a Fairytale

A Cinderella wedding is another name for a fairy tale wedding. Weddings with this theme include things that will make the couple and their guests feel like a prince and princess. Horse-drawn carriages, rhinestone-encrusted ball gowns, orchestra music, and other elements are commonly incorporated into this wedding. Disney tunes and invitations are examples of how pop culture may be used.

3. Theme: Garden

Spring and summer are ideal seasons for a garden-themed wedding. The wedding could take place within a greenhouse, in a park, under a gazebo, or in a botanical garden. Backyard weddings are also acceptable. This theme emphasizes butterflies, flowers, and greenery. Depending on your wedding style, you might even incorporate Victorian or vintage aspects.

4. Theme: Beach

A beach themed wedding is frequently defined by the location: the beach of a lake, river, ocean, or sea. Starfish, sandcastles, and seashells are extensively placed throughout the spaces. Lightweight netting and tulle, together with tropical centerpieces and flowers, can bring the beach to your destination beach wedding’s interior event.

5. Themes for the Seasons

Seasonal themes add a cohesive element to the wedding without becoming overpowering. Furthermore, because seasonal wedding flowers and decorations are easy to buy and frequently on sale, they help to reduce the wedding price. Simple wedding themes by season include:

 • Winter wedding – A winter wonderland wedding theme may feature snowflakes, snowmen, or even ice skating. The importance of hot chocolate and comfort foods cannot be overstated!

Spring wedding – A spring wedding can include birds, gardens, flowers such as daisies, or even baseball. This concept is brought together by the use of bright pastels.

Summer wedding – summer weddings have bright colors and typically include beach or ocean themed ideas.

Autumn wedding ideas include a rich color scheme. Fall leaves, harvest bounty, and pumpkins are frequently featured in the theme.

6. Themes for Holidays

Couples planning weddings near a significant holiday may incorporate the celebration as their wedding theme. Christmas weddings, Valentine weddings, and Halloween weddings are all popular holiday themes. Weddings held close to the Fourth of July may have a patriotic theme.

7. Weddings with a Historical or Vintage Flair

Maybe you feel that you were born in the wrong epoch. If so, make your wedding theme your favorite historical era. Nostalgic 1940s bridal gowns and delectable plated feasts like beef Wellington and mashed potatoes may be right up your alley. Vintage is defined as anything from 50 to 100 years ago; therefore even the retro 1960s can inspire a beautiful theme for your wedding! Go even further back in time with a Colonial or Renaissance wedding that combines old traditions with new flair.

B) Wedding Themes That Are Unique

Go beyond the mainstream themes and create unique, almost quirky wedding themes that reflect your personalities as a couple.

8. The Great Gatsby Theme

Golds and blues take center stage in this opulent setting. Plan on using feather touches in your decor, jazz music, and enough of beverages to keep your guests happy. Everyone in the bridal party will look fantastic in flapper dress. Make an entry and exit in a vintage vehicle.

9. The Woodland Forest Theme

Get back to nature with a wooded forest themed wedding that is nearly organic. This theme is intended for those who enjoy the great outdoors, camping, and adventure. Hang lanterns, set up enormous pillar candles, hang lightweight textiles, and position floral arrangements for the event in a real forest. If you move the reception to a cabin, wedding canopy or tent, or other inside location, make sure to incorporate branches, leaves, and stumps throughout.

10. The Romantic Pink Theme

Use a color palette to establish the tone and serve as your wedding theme. Pink is a romantic alternative to red that adds a charming touch to any occasion. To keep the look light, pair pink with grey instead of black. Teal, turquoise, baby blue, and sage are some suitable colors that will not overshadow the romantic motif. Tulle and flowers can be used throughout the wedding to create an ethereal look. Your wedding lighting will also play a role; use pink spotlights and candles throughout to keep the theme going.

11. Biker Rock & Roll Theme

Skip the standard music theme with black and white notes. Instead, show off your bad side with a rock ‘n’ roll motorcycle themed wedding. Play ceremony music on an electric guitar, hire a live cover band, and make your attire edgy by foregoing the suit in favor of leather jackets and jeans, opting for a street style gown, and wearing your best sneakers down the aisle. Ride out on your motorcycle for an unforgettable departure! It’s going to be a memorable and rocking good time for everyone.

12. Baseball Wedding Decorations

Make your love of baseball the centerpiece of your wedding. Plan a baseball wedding complete with white and red décor, vows to love each other “until the game is done,” and a reception in a ballpark box. If baseball isn’t your thing, try anything that gets your shoes on the field, from soccer to football.

Plan Your Theme Ahead of Time

Hosting a themed wedding is a major task that requires a little extra planning to pull it all together. To help bring a large-scale theme to life, couples could tap into their inner wedding planners or consider hiring a wedding planner.





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