Everyone has dreamt of their wedding day. It is not wrong to say that every couple wants their wedding day to be remembered forever. To make this the biggest day of your lives, you have to look into every detail and manage things according to your demands and pocket. 

For your wedding day, there are many things to consider before planning. From the venue, catering, honeymoon to dresses, jewelry, etc., the more the people are going towards customized and theme-based weddings, the more it helps the wedding business in growth.

We have got many stats to prove that the wedding industry is a vast business. The couples going to tie the knot soon do not want to go extra with the budget but are curious to know how their wedding ceremony measures up against everyone else. 

This article will discuss a collected data from a wide range of sources of the wedding industry. We will discuss every detail with facts about the engagement budget, wedding budget, and honeymoon budget. So, if you are going to tie the knot with your loved one, you should read about how people plan the most significant event of their lives and how they save and spend in it. 

General Wedding Statistics

As the wedding industry is going more vital than ever, some specific trends and factors influence each passing year. Here, we look at recent wedding statistics of an average age when tying the knot and average cost wedding. 

  • In 2016, the wedding industry registered revenue of 72 billion dollars.
  • While in 2020, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, only $55.1 billion revenue was registered by the wedding industry.
  • A wedding, on average, costs $28,000 in 2020.
  • An average amount of $2,460 was spent by the number of couples on favors, décor, and stationery.
  • Including alterations, brides paid an average of $1,631 for a dress in 2020.
  • An average couple began their planning with $23,000 but ended up spending $30,000.
  • According to the census, when a couple ties a knot in the US, the average age for women is 27.8 and for men is 29.8. 
  • When it comes to the most popular time for the wedding, October is the leader (16%), which is followed by September (15%) and June (13%).
  • Love is the most crucial reason that’s why most Americans (more than 80%) choose to get married.
  • One hundred thirty-one guests were hosted on average.

 Money Behind the Weddings

Tying the knot is not that cheap, and it demands a tremendous amount of savings. In the United States, over 60 billion dollars are generated by the wedding industry each year. This figure does not include the honeymoon. If you are curious about how much wedding costs these days and how much is covered by the amount guests spent, then following details by the insiders of wedding specialists will help you.

  • The majority (91%) of the couples register for their wedding gifts.
  • According to Loop Capital, the wedding-registry gift industry makes 19 billion dollars every year.
  • In more than half (52%) weddings, the parents cover most of the wedding costs. 
  • Most (60%) parents pay for specific things like the venue or bridal gowns, while other (33%) parents offer a check to the newlyweds to spend money as they want. 
  • Guests spend around $776 for a wedding (guests who traveled for a wedding are also included in the statistics).
  • $851 per wedding is a little higher is the cost for the wedding party members.
  • An average wedding gift costs around $100 to a guest, and for the guests close to the couple, it costs around $150.
  • Twelve billion dollars each year is revenue registered by the honeymoon industry.
  • The newlywed couple purchased $155 to $550 for a basic insurance policy covering anything from loss gifts, attires, videos, photos, rings, and deposits.

A photo album of your artistic wedding shots demands big bucks. Other entertainment activities, decoration, flowers, etc., are also on the list of what the couple spends their money on. Photographer, videographer, wedding venue, reception band, reception DJ, event planner, florist, wedding dresses, wedding cake, catering, transportation, favors, rehearsal dinner, engagement ring invitation cards, makeup artist, and hairstylist are included in the list to calculate the cost of each one according to your budget and requirement. 

Most of the couples preferred to hire some form of a wedding planner. To express their unique love story and for the guests to leave staying “surely, they are made for each other” couples these days adapt different traditions like pop culture, reinventing big moments to express their style or nixing-school activities. Traditional wedding styles and fusion of various types are also prevalent to celebrate this life event among couples.

To make sure that their guests have a great blast, couples go to great lengths to make sure each thing perfect for their loved ones attending their big day. As we have discussed, on average, a couple hosts 131 guests at their wedding, so the couple’s top priority is to ensure that their guests were given the best protocol and had a great time at the venue.

An entire team of incredible vendors is the thing without which a wedding cannot happen. For all the decorations, providing the best food and drinks to their guests, in short making their day unforgettable, to-be-weds have to find best local vendors on which they can lean on without thinking a lot for paying extra money.

To make your day remembered by everyone according to your pocket, Grand Tuscany Hotel has great deals and offers to fulfill your needs and requirements. Without getting worried about anything, you can contact us. After discussing every detail about your demand, we will propose your package. 

You do not have to hire different vendors, and it becomes an excellent hassle on the day of the event to manage everyone individually. Grand Tuscany Hotel has its all-in-one policy so that you can find everything under one roof. With our services, you will get everything as you wish. 

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